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      L'Agora - Scaffolding

      Working with scaffolds at height involves a variety of risks such as falls, unsafe access, falling objects, electrocutions and scaffold collapse
    According to that, it is imperative that all scaffolds on-site are periodically inspected to ensure the proper construction of the scaffold and the absence of health and safety risks. In addition to this, the awareness about potential hazards while working on the scaffold reveals itself to be of extreme importance in order to meet safety requirements.
    L'Agora enjoys the certification of the US Scaffold Training Institute for competency in scaffolds inspection. L'Agora provides two disciplines of services relating to Working at Height on scaffolds:

    I. Periodical Scaffold inspection
    L'Agora provides thorough scaffold inspection in order to help prevent height hazards and efficiently manage the working practices according to safety procedures.
    Our inspection reports cover the diverse types of scaffolds, including:
    • Tube and coupler scaffold
    • System scaffold
    • Special type scaffold (hanged and bracket)
    Our reports also cover ladders and staircase access.

    II. Verification of scaffold competent person / scaffolder
    Scaffolds are to be erected, moved, dismantled, or altered only by experienced and trained employees who have been selected for that work. Employees who are involved in activities such as erecting, dismantling, repairing, and inspecting scaffolds must be trained to recognize hazards associated with those activities.

    L'Agora works in conjunction with the QHSE team of its clients to make sure that working at height with scaffolds meets safety regulations. In this prospect, L'Agora carries out a verification scheme for:
    • Scaffold competent person
    • Scaffolder
    This verification scheme is based on enhancing the theoretical and practical knowledge through training and examination. This training and examination scheme covers the OSHA Scaffold requirements and is designed to enable participants to effectively understand scaffold hazards and how to mitigate them.
    Training and examination include all pertinent requirements as well as:
    • The nature of scaffold hazards
    • The nature of any electrical hazards, fall hazards, and falling object hazards in the work area
    • The correct procedures for dealing with those hazards
    • The correct procedures for erecting, disassembling, etc
    • The proper use of the scaffold, and the proper handling of materials on the scaffold
    • The maximum intended load and the load-carrying capacity of the scaffold.

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